The Future of Transportation for Sustainable Mega Cities

Mobility is a universal aspiration. With it, the demand for energy becomes a fundamental problem that arises with economic prosperity. How can we satisfy our thirst for energy? What’s more, our mobility needs are changing because for the first time in history more people live in cities than rural areas. Experts predict that the population of the developing world will continue to migrate to megacities, which are increasingly the centers for both economic growth and catastrophic problems around the world. Giorgio Rizzoni, from the state of the art Center for Automotive Research at The Ohio State University, believes personal transportation systems will be a key to sustainability for the megacities of the future. He specializes in efficient automotive energy systems and works on helping leaders of rapidly urbanizing countries develop the radical ideas for how personal transportation can enable people to live in megacities and solve problems of pollution, cost and energy consumption. This presentation will cover not only the challenges we face as an ever growing society but also the trends in transportation, our energy options, and a view of what the future of mobility holds for us all.

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