“Is Google Making Us Stupid?” On the Future of the Brain-Internet Interface

In a 2008 article in The Atlantic, Nick Carr famously asked “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” Carr is not alone in wondering if our technologies are becoming smarter than we are, and in the process making us dumber by doing our thinking for us.
Is Google Making us Stupid? No way! When we place it in a long-term historical context, we see that what the internet is “doing to our brains” is little different than what other technologies—like art or writing—have done. Given this deeper history, we can begin to imagine possible futures for the brain-internet interface. The Internet is emerging as a cognitively autonomous “brain,” one that will cooperate with—not supersede—our biological brain. Designing the brain-internet interface will be the most important design challenge over the next twenty years.
This talk is based on Professor Staley’s most recent book Brain, Mind and Internet: A Deep History and Future.

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